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April Fools’ Day

April Fool’s Day is celebrated on April 1st every year by playing pranks,  April Fool Images, practical jokes like that. In pranks or jokes victims are called April fools. After playing prank once they found victim people expose their prank by shouting April fool. There are some magazines and newspapers published fake stories to make people fool on April 1st. Keep in mind April 1st is not a public holiday in any country.

April Fool Images

april fool images

april fool images

april fool imagesapril fool images


april fool imagesapril fools day









april fool images


April Fool Jokes

1. Undrinkable Juice:-

Undrinkable-JuiceFill your child’s usual juice cup with gelatin paer or like that after dinner and place it in the refrigerator. In the morning when the drink is firm, offer your little one a sip and watch him wonder what happened! April Fool 2018. # April Fool Images



2. Bath Time Fail:-

April fool ideas

Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. Put the non-sudsing soap in the shower or bath and wait for the questions to begin.  # April Fool Images 2018.



3. Duplicate Apples:-

April fool 2018 ideas

Buy a bag of yellow onions and dip them in melted candy to make them look like caramel apples. Offer the family the pungent pranks after dinner. But be sure to have some real sweets ready, too! # April Fool Images Funny



4. A Prank that Rocks:-

april fool jokes 2018

If you want to make your kids think you’ve lost your marbles, pretend you found some pretty rocks in the backyard, and then enjoy the look of surprise on their faces when you bite into one! They don’t have to know you’re actually noshing on chocolate candy rocks. # April Fool Images Prank



5. No TV and Gaming Tonight :-

April fool jokes 2018

Prank both the kids and dad by placing small pieces of clear tape over the sensors on the television and gaming console remotes.




6. Healthy Lollipops :-

April fool ideas 2018

Get creative in the kitchen and make faux treats from broccoli florets, tissue paper and candy sticks. Offer the lollipops as an after-school snack and watch your kids’ confused faces.



7. Sweet and Testy Phone :-

April fool 2018

Replace your teen’s cell phone with a chocolate version before they leave for school. They’ll wonder if they should dial it or eat it.




8. Breakfast Mix-Up :-

April fool ideas 2018

For breakfast, swap out your usual sunny side up egg for a bowl of yogurt with a canned peach half on top. Get bonus points for serving it with a tall glass of milk or mug of coffee that’s been frozen solid!



april fool jokes in hindi for whatsapp

Dosto ladkiyo ke piche bhagna ek bhul hai
In ladkiyo par
paise lutana bhi fijul hai
Agar kisi ladki ne aaj
“I Love U” bol diya to khush mat hona
kyunki aaj April fool hai 🙂 😉

I’m fool, I’m fool I’m fool OK OK COOL मान गया भाई मैं you are fool, now please control yourself…😎😏😏

Amazing Six Facts-
1. 95% of people living in Bhutan don’t drink milk
2. Cockroach can see upto 7 Km.
3. A man can touch Sun if his body is completely covered by Silicon.
4. Kangaroo doesn’t have liver.
5. No twins have been born till now in Denmark.
6. All The Details Are False. मेरे पर थोड़ी देर के लिए यकीन करने का शुक्रिया 😎😏😂😀
“April Fool”.. 😂😀

में तुम्हारी गर्लफ्रेंड हूँ:
सही कहा ना?
In short I am your S.I.S.T.E.R.
Happy April Fool day

Anewala Kal Tumhara Hai..
Tumhara Tha..
Tumhara Hi Rhega..
Us par Tumhara Hi Haq hai..
Socho Kyon?
Kyu ki kal 1st APRIL Hai..

Fool ne
Foolon ki
Foolwari mein
Fool ke saath wish kiya hai
U are the most
Beauti fool
Wonder fool
And color fool
Among all fool’s

अबे खजूर,
जू से भागे हुए लंगूर,
अबे सरे हुए केले के छिलके,
चुसे हुए आम,
सर्कस के रिटायर्ड बन्दर,
ऐसा किसी को ना कहना,
फील होता है!

april fool jokes in hindi

In larkion se dil lagana ek bhool hai
In k peeche itna bhagna fazool hai
Jis din kisi larki ne keh diya “I LOVE U”Tou samajh jana us din APRIL FOOL hai..April Fool Images

Mujhe ap ki ak baat pata laghi hai,
Zara free ho ker call kerna
Sub ko forward kerO, dakhna kitna loog ‘FOOL’ bante hain, April Fool

143 Kya hai?
i love you
i miss you?
i wish you
143 means Ek Sou Taintaalees.
ma-baap ne kitni ummid se padhaya tha besharam.
# April Fool Jokes in HindiApril-Fools-Day-Funny-Jokes-Wallpapers

Aaj, kal, harpal, har samay, har vaqt, maheno, salo saal se ek DIL tumhare liye dhadakta tha aur dhadakta rahega aur wo DIL hai ur’s own DEAR.
# April Fool Hindi SMS

Aeroplane aa raha hai dekho..
Chala bhi gaya Buddhu.
upar dekhna chaiye tha na.
Mobile me aayega kya
# April Fool Hindi SMS

Amir Khan Ne apni Film
K Second part k liay
ap ko Chun lia hai
Jiss Mai ap ka
Bohat Main Role Hai
Film Ka Name hai
“Bayghairat zameen per”
# April Fool Hindi SMS

Manzil ki taraf badte chalo. Jo Dil kahe usi raah ko chuno. Peeche walo ko aage na aane do aur jo aage hain unse aage niklo. Tabhi ek achhe TRUCK DRIVER banoge!
# April Fool Hindi SMS

Khush toh bohut hoge tum,
baat hi kutch aisi hai,
1st april jo ho rahi hai,
dil mein gudgudi si ho rahi hogi,
aur kyo na ho….saal mein ek hi toh din aata hai jo
hota hai sirf tumhaare naam.
Happy april fool
#April Fool Hindi SMS

Is kadar hum aapko chahte hai ki duniya
wale dekh ke jal jate hai, yu toh hum sabhi ko ULLU banate hai, lekin aap thoda JALDI ban jate hai…
# April Fool Hindi SMS

I am sorry yaar, aaj tak maine tujhe avoid kiya,kai bar tujhse bat nahi ki,tujhse hath nahi milaya,
Sorry yaar mujhe pata nahi tha ki “AIDS” chhune se nahi failta.
# April Fool Hindi SMS

Hotho se jo choo liya,
Ehsaas Aab tak hai,
Aankhe Nam hai, Aur sanso mein Aag aab tak hain…
Aur kyo na ho… Khayi Bhi to ‘HARI Mirchi…’-hai
# April Fool Hindi SMS


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